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Okay I’m done :P last one!

Okay I’m done :P last one!



Short Story Sunday - A Teenagers Blog

This weeks story is something I wrote over two years ago, something that I completely forgot about! I stumbled onto it earlier today, hidden within a Word document that was stowed away in my documents. At the time of writing, I think I was inspired by the ever popular South African Spud series, which I really enjoyed.

After reading them, I wanted to try it out myself. I put my nonsense story into a blog format instead of a diary (not that it makes much of a difference really). Everything contained below is utter fiction, with minor inspirations from real events that happened in my life, such as the entry where I chase my dog in the street… that one is literally 99.9999% true >_<

It was more of an experiment than anything, but I had fun writing it nonetheless! It is around 6500 words, enough for a fairly long chapter in a novel. I never took the time to edit and such, but I hope it is put to some use and that you can extract some form of enjoyment from it. I’d like to think that my writing has improved oodles over the last two years, so be easy on me ^_^ 

P.S I’m sorry for taking up a long ass chunk of your Tumblr feed :x if you’re uninterested, happy scrolling :P 


Testing 1-2-3? - April 20th, 2010 


So a blog? I am rather new to this sort of thing. I have never kept a journal or diary in my life but I must admit I have always wanted to! Lots of people these days seem to be “blogging”. Not that I know anybody who does but it seems to be the latest craze. I am not doing this for the sake of hopping onto the bandwagon but it makes more sense to me as opposed to carrying a journal around. Simply put, I hate writing. Typing on a keyboard is different though. I could sit here for hours and type out the biggest load of rubbish. I wish my english class took place in a computer room, maybe then I would be getting better marks. Wow look at that, first blog and I am already rambling!

So why am I keeping a blog I hear you ask? No reason really. I just think it would be cool to offload a little of my life off my brain for just a bit. Also maybe one day when I am old and have grandkids (assuming we aren’t taken over by computers in the future) it would also be nice to have a place to just let out all my feelings and thoughts, seeing as I am just a teenager after all. Apparently we are full of hormones and don’t know what we want =/ you will probably hear more (or read rather) about it more in future blogs. And hey if nobody decided to read you dear little blog of mine, I am always here!

Anyways, I guess I should get back to my english essay: “”Why I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity” I thought about choosing Michael Jackson as an example and saying “because he died.” That seemed a bit harsh… So I am still working on it. That then I have analytical geometry  I hate maths. I Can’t believe how late it is already! It’s going to be a late night.

Later World.

Short and Sweet - April 21st, 2010 

Wow I wasn’t expecting to be back here so soon. It’s not like I have much to say anyways, not much happened today. I guess I had a normal day at school, same old same old really.

I then got home and dove straight into my homework, trying to get all of it done as soon as I could. So much for that! I kept getting distracted, and have yet to finish it all. Guess I’ll have to catch up during school sometime tomorrow as I’m quite tired now.

Well that was short and sweet. I think I will really start getting to like you over the next few weeks blog, but for now, I’m going to go watch some television before hitting the sack

Over Already? - April 25th, 2010 

I can’t believe that it is Sunday already! Time always seems to rush when you aren’t doing things such as work. I decided to skip going out with my friends on Friday because I knew it would lead to disaster, that and I was really exhausted anyway. I just needed time to relax. I ended up lazying around on the couch, while my dad flicked through several channels from his own chair. It mostly ended up being sport related which didn’t necessarily bother me, but its not my first choice in television. That and he kept sending me to the kitchen to get him a beer or two.

On Saturday evening it was Joanne’s 18th birthday party. Joanne was a girl in my grade who was kinda popular. The only reason I got an invite was due to the fact that it was an open invite. I knew Dave would never let me hear the end of it if I didn’t go. So I threw on some casual clothes and asked my dad to drop me off.

The fact that I had missed going out on Friday (rubbed in thoroughly by my friends, who claim they had a wicked time) didn’t really matter. Joanne’s party was the typical, stereotypical teenage party you would see in any movie. Alcohol, Loud Music, and LOTS of teenage people. I tried to play it cool and mostly stood with David while he made a clown of himself for other attending guests. At one point he noticed my hands were buried deep into my pocket and handed me a beer. I don’t like beer at all, so I smiled and accepted, but as soon as her turned away I handed it over to some drunk girl who was having trouble standing next to me. She took it and threw her arms around me, blubbering out what I think was “marry me!” before stumbling off to throw her arms around some other guy. I shook my head and made a mental note to never drink that much in my life.

My dad picked me up at eleven thirty sharp, way before the party would ever end. He surveyed me up and down and criticized my lack of beer breath, saying beer would put hair on my chest. I kindly informed him that I already had a manly chest. He chuckled, shook his head and pulled away from Joanne’s house, not uttering another word to me.

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. I crawled through what homework I had and did nothing else. I stopped to think about the drunk girl who threw her arms around me. I realised that I didn’t recognise her at all, and if I did know her then I wasn’t paying enough attention because I didn’t know who she was. That and it was pretty dark where we were standing outside. Either way, I would probably pick up all the gossip at school tomorrow. Either way, I’m off to bed.

 Freedom Day! - April 27th, 2010 

You know whats probably one of the best feelings in the world? Waking up, realising you overslept, rushing to get ready for school, only to realise further that the day is a public holiday. Then you casually stroll back over to your bed and get back to some sleep.

School flew by yesterday, with the hot topic being Joanne’s 18th the Saturday before. There was lots to be heard, but the biggest scoop was the fact that Joanne got so totally wasted that she passed out on the stairs leading up to the entrance of her house. It turns out that she was the one randomly giving out hugs to people, and I heard several guys mentioning how Joanne, (apparently being one of the hottest girls in school) personally approached them and gave them a long passionate hug. I shook my head, knowing that she was dishing them out like candy. Hell I even got one. I felt kind of bad for giving her that beer though. Although she was already well wasted by the time I gave it to her, it aided her demise and her goal of the resting place on her entrance stairs. Where the hell were her parents now that I think about it?

So today is Freedom Day in South Africa. Sixteen years ago today was when we became a democratic country. I really don’t see what the big fuss is, to me anyways. I was like one or two years old when it happened and not part of the whole apartheid era. Either way, the public holiday is definately a score! Too bad it’s over already.

A Breath of Air… Finally - May 8th, 2010 

Thank goodness for weekends. It feels like a lifetime ago that I had a break and I could do anything. All I seem to be doing lately is working my ass off in school, then getting home and working whats left of my ass some more. I can hear the end of the year calling me, along with its freedom, but thats still so damn far away. Matric isn’t even as hard as last year was, but I guess its because the end is nigh that I am feeling so impatient.

I couldn’t really decide what to with myself today. I felt like sleeping forever, at least until the sun light stabbed me in my eye through the open window. I woke up to find that I have the whole house to myself. I don’t really know where the parents or siblings are. Either way it was a nice change, and I took the time to run through the house screaming my head off. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I think we can all admit to having done something random or unnatural in our lifetime. That was my random moment for the day.

I can’t wait to get my licence when I turn 18 later this year. At least it would come in handy when I’m stuck at home on a free day like today. I guess having a car at my disposal would also come in handy, but that won’t be happening for a long time. Dave was lucky enough to get a car for his 18th. Even though its a little scrappy Opel Corsa (I have nothing against Corsa’s, his is just old and scrappy  ) at least is has 4 wheels and gets him around. I could always get him to come pick me up and we could go chill at the mall or something, but I’m not really in the mood for him hitting on anything that moves. Dave’s just like that with girls. Wants to like all of them at the same time. What a player.

Maybe I’ll just settle for watching tv or something, and I’ll get to my homework a bit later.

Jealousy Makes You Nasty… - May 10th, 2010

What a random weekend.

I eventually decided to get Dave to fetch me after I got through some of my homework (most of which I finished on Sundays. When did I get so good at finishing all my work?)  I didn’t really have any idea where we were going, but I had enough of home and my PS3 to really care otherwise. So initially we just went to the mall to hang out. Extremely exciting that kind of thing, walking around and doing nothing (yes this is me using sarcasm). We stopped to get some food, before leaving to go where? Yes thats right. To one of Dave’s friends house party’s. I really don’t know how he knows all these people, but he seems to know thousands. I immediately regretted my decision to call him, as it really wasn’t my kind of scene.  That and the fact that I didn’t really know anybody other then Dave. Apparently all the other people I’m friends with were busy.

It was kind of difficult to have a good time. As soon as we entered the property (which practically housed a mansion)  all that could be heard was loud music. There were people everywhere! Dave being the decent friend he was, got me a drink before ditching me to go chat to some pretty girls wearing mini skirts. I eyed my drink carefully before sipping it. Urgh… It was Coke, but it had brandy in it. I only assumed it was brandy because people like to drink brandy with coke. I decided to just deal with it, considering it was only one drink. I shoved one hand deep into my pocket and held my drink with my free hand, trying to look cool. I felt kind of stupid just standing there and saying nothing, but I didn’t want to break Dave’s style.

I drank my drink slowly but surely. Dave, on his way to get the girl he had singled out a drink, saw my empty hand and handed me another. He didn’t listen to my arguments of not wanting more, and just simply shoved it into my hand, said something about loosening up, and then proceeded to carry on chatting up his target. This time he had gotten me what looked like orange juice, but had a hell of a alcoholic taste. It actually didn’t taste so bad at all, so I decided to keep it.

Before I knew it I had emptied the glass. I felt a tad light headed, but I was still pretty much fine. I decided to mingle around a bit, taking Dave’s advice to heart. I tripped over the carpet on my way to the porch and accidentally bumped into a girl walking past. She was a bit too drunk to notice and merely giggled at me and walked past. I smiled and carried on walking before I noticed I was being eyed up and down by a group of girls sitting on the steps to the garden. For some reason I decided to be courageous and walked over, before grabbing another drink from the drinks table which was on the way to them. I took the routine pose of hand in pocket and drink in hand as I got closer. I took on top of their stairs and saluted them with my drink and took a sip. Whatever I had grabbed was incredible potent and I fought to keep my face straight as I swallowed. The girls giggled and made room for me to sit. This was incredibly strange… Either I was tipsy and for some reason I came across as a cool guy, or these girls were incredibly wasted, or both. I took a seat between the girls on the top step.

I was just about to say something when Dave walked up behind me and pulled me up, agitatedly saying that we have to leave. I looked him blankly and questioned as to what happened to his squeeze. He shook his head and mumbled something about her boyfriend chasing him off. I looked back longingly back at the huddle of girls, shook my head, saluted my drink and downed it. They did the same and waved bye to me. I put my hand up to my one ear and mumbled “call me” as Dave pulled me away. If my head wasn’t so heavy from the loud music and alcohol, I swear I would have moaned at him. He was the designated driver I suppose, even though he was all liquored up. I just really hoped we got home ok, which we magically did. Dave dropped me off, said bye and drove off into the night. My parents were already asleep, I did let them know via Sms that I was at the mall. Children at malls don’t usually arrive home after midnight though, so them sleeping and not awaiting any kind of explanation was welcome to me.

My interesting weekend transitioned into an interesting Monday as I got to school. My  mom dropped me off to school. As I was walking through the parking lot a brand new Merc nearly drove me over as it was about to park in a student parking. As I rushed to get out the way it hooted at me. I turned around planning to give the driver a piece of my mind when I saw that my one friend Marcello was the driver. My jaw just dropped completely as I realised that he took his drivers test over this past weekend. His dad promised him a new car upon success, although he probably would have got it even if he failed.

Chello’s father was involved in cars. I didn’t quite know his title, but I just know that Chello’s family had more then two coins to rub together. Not that I was poor, but nobody in the school compared to the Marais family wealth. His dad probably pulled some strings to get this car for him at a good price, and in such a short space of time. I just oggled at the silver exterior, without a scratch or imperfection it. This car was brand spanking new. Chello got out the car, big smile on his face. A small group of people congregated around him and marvelled. I knew that Chello was enjoying the attention immensely. I must admit, it would have felt nice to be in his place momentarily, being the centre of attention. He walked over to me and shook my hand, I just shook his hand and my head at the same time, mumbling out a congratulations, still lost for words. Dave arrived too and ran over and jumped on Chello from behind, making loud noises. All this meant to Dave was an easier way to pick up girls. Thank goodness I knew that Chello was a gentlemen, and even though he liked attention from girls, he knew how to treat them right

After school, Chello gave me a ride home. He put foot down as we turned into my road. I felt my stomach being pulled into my stomach for a few second before he rammed breaks and stopped precisely at my driveway.  I got out and insisted that he picked me up tomorrow. He told me he would think about it. As I walked into my house, I couldn’t help but feel a tad jealous.

Sickly Old Me :( - May 15th, 2010

There is nothing worse then being home on the weekend, and not being able to do anything thanks to the flu. I woke up this morning due to my phone ringing, and as soon as I answered I realised just how sick I was. I was still drowsy so I wasn’t really paying attention. I tried talking to my phone but all that came out was a croak like a frog. Just as surprised as my caller on the other side, I mumbled something about calling them back and hung up immediately. I put my phone down and lay back in bed and it all hit me. My head was pounding, I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and my throat was throbbing with pain whenever I swallowed or tried to talk.

I lay there for a few minutes, allowing myself to wake up. When I was a bit more lively and my eyes had departed the heavy eyelid stage, I looked at my phone to see that Chello had called me. I sms’d him back asking what he wanted and then put my phone down. I climbed out of my bed and went straight over my cupboard to put extra layers on me. The day wasn’t exactly freezing, but it wasn’t the warmest either. I wrapped a scarf around my throat, as I found that always keeping my throat warm helped make the pain go away quicker, or at least in my head it felt like it helped.

Surprisingly, I was home alone again, even though it was only 10am. I attempted to eat some cereal but as the corn flakes went past my throat, they scratched it and it hurt immensely. So I settled for  a cup of milo for breakfast and gave the rest of the corn flakes to my cat. I went back to my room to find that Chello had left me an sms telling me that I sounded like I was possessed, but he wanted to know if I was keen to go out with him and just drive around. I would have loved to, for being in a car like that you don’t really need a destination, you just need to drive around and enjoy it. I was tempted to man up and tell him to pick me up later, but I decided against it and here I am now, sick as a dog and home alone. I reckon he may be coming over later to keep my company. Maybe we’ll play PS3 or something. Until then I plan on finding some sort of food I can eat through a straw.

My Life Versus A Sum Of Money - May 17th, 2010

I’m still sick as a dog. In fact I didn’t even get around to going to school today. IN FACT I only got out of bed for the first time right now, apart from the odd need to go to the loo. I didn’t sleep well at all last night, so all I did today was sleep my life away. My mom walked into my room a few times looking concerned, before telling me each time that doctors were expensive and she hoped I didn’t have anything serious. Thanks mom, my life versus a little bit of money to make sure I have nothing deadly. I would argue with her but the fact that it literally feels like I have swallowed a frog makes this near impossible.

What the hell am I doing here? I’m going back to bed.

Unfair Injustice - May 19th, 2010

I couldn’t stay off school any longer. I already missed a test yesterday and I don’t even get me started on the amount of work I have to catch up. I actually felt like dying yesterday. I woke up and I could barely breathe, my nose was blocked and my throat was rough even when breathing. I dragged myself out of bed and asked my mom if I could see the doctor she just told me it was a waste of money and that I can skip school and relax in bed. This in any other year would have been great. Who wouldn’t want to miss school? Unfortunately being in matric meant that being off did more harm to me then good. I couldn’t afford to miss anything, and I was already two days behind.

When I got to school I arrived at just around the same time Chello did. He got out his car and didn’t take his sunglasses off as he slung his school bag onto his shoulder and locked his car. I guess he is just cool like that. He smiled at me and told me I looked like hell. I asked him if hell consisted of snot filled noses and scratchy throats. He shook his head and said it was probably worse then that. We walked along the corridor leading to our home room to only bump into Dave and my other friend Mark. I can more or less describe my friends in one very precise word. Marks word was alcoholic. Mark loved to drink, no matter what time of day it was. It kind of worries me because now it may be all cool and what not, but maybe when he grows up and has kids it could cause problems. Mark told me I look like hell too, and Dave nodded his head. I told them that their turn was next as this flu was probably going around. Dave pulled his shirt up and covered up his mouth and nose stating that if I got him sick and messed with his girl scoring chances he would kill me. I just shook my head and headed into class.

To my delight, Mrs  Ophelia asked me where my Doctors note was. I shrugged my shoulders and said my mom wouldn’t let me go to the doctor. She shrugged her shoulders and said that I had detention on Friday. Great…

After school, Chello and the guys wanted to hit a liquor store and pick up something to drink. They planned on going to Marks house and just relaxing. This all of course was Marks idea, he knew that with Chello around he could get hold of some nice expensive Whiskey or Vodka. Chello, being kind of on the filthy rich side of things could always spare a lot of money. Oh to be him, and buy whatever the hell I wanted. I would just buy me a car, and a trip to the doctor to make me all better. I politely declined, stating sickness as my excuse. Mark shook his head and took a swig out of his hip flask, out of sight of the teachers of course. Who knows what he had in there. The bell rang for the end of school and we packed our stuff up. I wished them goodbye, and with a twinge of jealousy, watched them all climbing into Chello’s SLK.

As I got into the car with my mom I told her that she had gotten me a detention on Friday because I had no doctors note. She told me that she would write a note explaining my absense. Lets hope Mrs Ophelia accepts it. Anyways, I’m off to get lost in my pile of work

Maybe I Am In For Some Money? - May 22nd, 2010

I AM FULLY RECOVERED! It feels good to not ache, sniff, cough or anything like that. It took me long enough to get better. On top of that, I am up at a decent hour today which is surprising considering that I planned on sleeping in forever. Maybe my body is just grateful for being better that it can’t wait to do stuff.

I just ate some cereal and sms’d my friends asking if anything is happening today. I have a huge pile of homework due on Monday, exams coming up shortly, but I can’t help it, I need to go out tonight because I have been stuck between home and school dying of work and flu. The longest holiday ever is coming up thanks to the World Cup which starts in like 19 days or something. Thanks to that, the teachers are throwing work at us left right and centre. Mind you, for some reason I am not feeling stressed at all. Grade eleven was by far a more stressful time, and I am enjoying this year a hell of a lot more. The only thing thats stressing me out is finding a date for my matric dance later this year. I have no idea who to take! Or who would want to come out with me for that matter. If only I had gotten some numbers at that party I went to with Dave.

Chello just replied telling me that he wants to take his car to some illegal drag racing gathering tonight. Well, not really a gathering, just a bunch of random people going to a certain spot and looking for a quick race. My brother and sister used to go a few years ago, not to race but just to watch. Everybody meets at a roadhouse about 5 minutes drive away from my house. The road that it sits on is ideal for people looking to race, completely dead and dead straight. I can’t help but worry about Chello, because as cool as he is with his new car, he has only had his drivers for a short period of time. I should convince him to get his dad to at least send him on an advanced driving course.  I know that if I suggest the idea to him he will just shake his head arrogantly and tell me that he is a pro already. I should ask him to leave me some money in his will.

I suppose I should get some work done now, or at least try to.

Exams: Round 1! - May 24th, 2010

All I have done today was study study study. I don’t actually know why we start exams tomorrow, when we could have merely started today. For some reason we had a regular school day today. I start with English Paper 1. In general I have never really gotten on well with english, well, not on with it but I don’t enjoy it. Oddly enough though since I started writing here I seem to have more of an interest in it. Only time can tell what will happen tomorrow.

So on Saturday evening Chello picked me up at around 7pm. He had already collected Mark and Dave. The plan was to go to the road house, get dinner, and stick around to see what was happening.  So we pulled up and had a look at the giant luminescent  menu board. Mark helped his appetite along by taking a swig of whiskey from his hip flask. We just hung out chatting while we waited for our food, before a certain topic was raised that I actually completely had forgotten to think about lately. The matric dance that was coming up around August/September. No date has been set yet for some reason and rumour had it that this is so because my school is still deciding between two venues. So whichever venue they choose we will get that certain date. We hadn’t gotten any dates yet and Chello actually brought up a good point.

Chello: Chicks love this kind of stuff. They need to be asked in advance so they can get a dress together.

Dave: What if they have been to a matric dance before? Surely they could just use the same dress?

Chello: You would think so, but if a chick gets married and divorced, will she wear the same dress to her next wedding?

Dave: Chicks are weird *Dave proceeds to shake his head and look mystically into the distance.*

Me: I’d just save the cash and wear the dress over.

Mark: Did you just admit to owning a dress?

Me: No?

Dave: Did you just admit to being a chick?

Me: What the hell!? No!

Chello: Have you told your parents that you are gay?

Me: No?

Chello: So you still have to tell them?


Then everybody but me proceeded to laugh. Ah well friends, what can you do? Anyways, we were all chatting about who we could ask, and I kind of realised that I don’t have a solid at all. I need to go with Dave to more parties to connect with more girls. Chello obviously just needs to flash his car keys at any girl and they will be alright with accompanying him, or so he seems to think so. Dave’s phone book has a good few million contacts so he is set, although he can’t decide who to take. Mark just needs to get into a drunken stupor with another girl and make her agree to go with him. I decided to do the normal thing and get to know a girl a little before asking. When I voiced my plan everybody just nodded and agreed that I was at least 40% girl under my male exterior. I just shook my head and thanked the Lord that food arrived just then, meaning nobody could keep dissing me due to their mouths being full.

We ate and waited for people to gather. a whole lot of awesome cars started collecting. Ranging from the really crappy cars who seem to just have turbos and scary engine mods under the hoods, to the kind of cars you would see in Fast and the Furious. We still didn’t quite know how things worked, so we got out of Chello’s car and just observed. People were just chatting, possibly organizing who they would race against? Unfortunately I never did find out, out of nowhere a single cop car arrived with two cops and parked in the parking lot. A waiter walked up to the car and took their order. The cops acted like nothing unusual was going on, but my gut told me that no cop was dumb enough to not know what was happening here. The whole vibe changed. People seemed to just get in the cars and leave slowly. Good thing too because another cop car arrived shortly after and parked alongside the first one. Chello let out a giant sigh and suggested that we left. Dave was just about to go chat to two beautiful girls in a car a few metres away when Mark swung an arm around him, swigged his hip flask, and told Dave that now is not the time. He sighed and turned around, walking back to Chello’s car.

I got dropped home straight after that. We were all disappointed, and as disappointed as I was, I had work to do. So I got straight back onto it.

I may be scarce during exam time, but I may just be back here to report how things are going, or just for the sake of having a break from it all. Wish me luck!

A Well Deserved Break - May 29th, 2010 

I only just got home now. I am so beyond tired that I don’t even know what the hell I am doing here at the moment. Just feel like I need a quick break from reality.

So exams have been grinding my brain long and hard. I have actually surprised myself by studying hard for the first time like in my entire life. Generally I get through school ok, but this is my final year, and it determines the rest of my life. this doesn’t mean that I will be getting A’s or anything. I still go just as blank in exams as I did before I decided to start studying hard.

Straight after the Maths exam today, Chello and the others wanted to go out and do something. I sms’d my mom to let her know that I was going to be home a little  bit late and that she didn’t need to pick me up. It is now nearly midnight and I just got home. My parents are totally going to kill me tomorrow! Although, none of them bothered calling me to find out where I was or anything anyways, so only time will tell if I’m dead or not.

So after school we took Dave to drop his car off so we could all go in Chello’s car. Mark doesn’t have a car yet either, which is probably a good thing because he would crash or something in a fit of alcoholic indulgence. We ended up chilling at Dave’s house for the afternoon, deciding what we were going to do in the evening. Its a good thing our school is letting us write  our exams in civvies, else we would all have had to go home just to get changed.

As the day wore on we actually realised (surprisingly) how little we wanted to go out and spend the night clubbing or at some party. By we I mean my friends mostly, I’m not generally a party animal but I tend to tag along most times anyway just for the experience. Chello was a bit of a soccer fanatic, and suggested that we play Fifa 10. We all groaned, because we knew Chello was a king at it. Not owning a Fifa 10, I had very little experience with it. Mark boycotted owning a gaming console because he loved his pc too much.

Dave and Chello were highly competitive. Mark and I often just looked on and shook our heads as they yelled at each other, fighting to win. Dave’s dad was a pretty cool guy. As soon as he got home he joined us. For an old man he sure had some skill in this game, although he still couldn’t beat Chello who was practically yawning through all his wins.  Dave’s dad organised us some dinner too. Chinese takeaways a winner in my books and as well as everybody elses it seemed. We stuffed our faces and decided to stop playing Ps3. Instead we all watched a horror that was on tv. It was one of those cheesy, everybody dies in the end movies, so all we did was laugh through all the gruesome deaths.

It was weird not having any females around, which meant we could be typical guys and laugh at stupid things, and talk further random nonsense about girls. Dave’s mom was out of the country at the moment on a business trip so he and his dad had the whole place to themselves. Dave’s dad kept commenting, telling none of us to get married until the age of 50, by which point we can hook up with a pretty 20 year old, but only if we were rich enough. Chello smiled broadly, knowing he would have lots of money in his life to come. I didn’t really bother taking Dave’s dad seriously. I believed in true love, although all accounts of people surrounding me wrote that belief off. I didn’t care, I hadn’t had any experience to put me off women otherwise. I still need a date for my matric dance, how troublesome.

After Daves house, Chello dropped Mark and I at home. It was a fun evening, although something I’m not entirely used to. I should get some sleep though, lots of studying to be done for the last week of exams coming up.

There Is A Light! - June 1st, 2010

I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! NEARLY DONE!

Also, the World Cup is now 10 days away from kick off!

That light is drawing closer, I must just hang on!

Me 1 – Crazy Dog 0 - June 5th, 2010

*Deep Breathe* SO! I finished my exams yesterday, FINALLY! But FIRST!

Yet again, typical of a Saturday, I am home alone and everybody is out. I’m busy watching Tv when the doorbell starts ringing frantically. Naturally I get irritated, and have a full mind to yell at whoever is using my doorbell as a panic button. I open the door and my neighbour is standing there, pointing frantically at the street yelling “YOUR DOG YOUR DOG!” I check in the direction of his pointing fingers and in the middle of the street is my dog playing dodge em’s with the traffic. I freak out and leave everything behind and sprint towards him. He see’s me and I get all relieved thinking my face will be like a beacon of light in this madness. What does he do? Sprints in the opposite direction.  Thanks dog, am I that ugly?

I follow in hot pursuit, hearing people gasp and point at my dog and I as we sprint through the main road, dodging cars the whole way. At this point all I want is for people to come to my aid, but their form of help is pointing fingers and yelling out loud words and gasping. Unless they were maybe muttering some magical incantation to make my dog stop, it wasn’t really helpful. We are about to intersect another main road, a nice sloped main road. In my head I prayed for my dog to run downhill, because I was already getting tired. Magically hearing my thoughts he turns up and starts sprinting up the slope.

Now you may be thinking, “Surely you can outrun a dog?” and the answer is yes and no. Some dogs can run like cheetahs, and generally I am a fast runner. This is all amazing and all that, but considering that I was still in my Pj’s and sandals, my output speed wasn’t that great at all. He runs a good way up the slope and gets tired and starts walking, down the one lane of the road. Cars snail behind, trying to overtake the walking dog but they can’t due to oncoming traffic. I spring on my hardest, a stitch developing in my ribs. What does the dog do? Crosses the road and starts running down hill! I ninja through the oncoming traffic, holding up my hands and yelling sorry every few split seconds. He crosses right in front of me and continues running down hill. I find a source of energy somehow and sprint on my hardest to catch up. Fortunately, some dog caught his attention in one of the houses and he decided to stop and say hi. I caught up and grabbed him. FINALLY! I pick him up and walk my way home out of breathe, amidst all the glares from bemused bystanders, no doubt going to share a story with friends about the crazy dog and his chasing owner who probably just rolled out of bed. Thats definitely one for the grand kids one day.

That aside… I AM ON HOLIDAY FOREVER! Ok that is not true, but thanks to the world cup, the June holidays have been extended to a period of nearly 6 weeks. So I am quite looking forward to it. No doubt you will hear from me, but for now I am going back to my couch to recover. Manic Traffic Dog Chasing should be a new form of sport, it’s fully dangerous and requires gratuitous amounts of energy!


Short Story Sunday - An Unexpected Letter

My second entry into whats hopefully going to be a weekly dedicated short story slot! I know that this weeks story will revolve around a box, just because I can :) 


The steam of the shower plastered itself to the walls. The apartment owner had started it only a few minutes ago, but she had already forgotten about it. Katia was dragging her legs along, eyelids as heavy as anvils. She had overslept yet again, much to her dismay. Mondays were always a black hole of doom, and she constantly wondered how the weekend always seem to travel at a much faster pace. Nonetheless, her work as a secretary was not going to do itself. 

Sliding into the kitchen slowly, she was surprised to see a sealed envelope at the mouth of her door. She thought it rather odd, considering that all her mail was posted to her own personal collection floor in the buildings lobby. Yawning, she bent down to pick it up, her back clicking out of stiffness as she did so.

She tore the envelope open with difficulty. Her mind was still doused in sleep, her muscles still waking up themselves. She pulled out a blank post card. Surprised at the vast emptiness of the white spaces on both sides, she threw it aside and glanced into the empty envelope. There was nothing further, but she spotted dark marking along one of the inner walls. Tearing the envelope up further, the one blank square read the simple three words, “look outside dear.”

Katia was as confused as ever, scratching her heard as she eyed the random message. Deciding to take the safe route, she squinted through the little doors peep hole first. All she saw was brown. Opening the door, she was greeted with the biggest box she had ever laid her eyes on. It was placed within a few centimeters of her door. How on earth was she supposed to move this huge oaf of a box?

She attempted to slide it a little further away from her door. Pushing on it to gauge its weight, it moved as smooth as ice. It was extremely light, almost like all it was holding was air. Pushing it clear of the doorway, she had a look along the corridor. Nobody seemed to be around whatsoever. Katia was a little disappointed, hoping that perhaps this was some silly practical joke. Sighing, she moved around the box and pushed it through the front door.

The box was so tall that a chair was needed to aid in opening up the top. A simple slice of a knife acquired from the drawer undid the tape binding it shut. To Katia’s surprise, there was absolutely nothing to be seen in the box. She tried to have a look down to the dark depths and saw nothing. This was by far, the oddest thing that had happened to her. She decided to tip the box on its side, to get a closer look at the bottom of it. 

Although the box was so big, she couldn’t understand why it was so hard to see inside of it. It was almost like the light was repelled by the opening. Regardless, she wished to get to the bottom of this mystery, as well as the box. Katia moved onto her knees, still looking as hard as she could into the box. Perhaps she had to reach and feel for something? She crawled in slowly, the box easily big enough to swallow her whole. She fumbled with her fingers carelessly as she inched forward, darkness smearing across her eyes. It wasn’t long before she was completely within the box. She reached the end and felt up and down the wall. To her surprise she found a button. “odd,” she muttered to herself. The only thing left to do was to push it. As soon as she did, she felt the lid slam behind her, as heavy as marble.

Panicking, she looked around wildly. The box started to vibrate around her gently, a soft hum emitting within. A short gasp escaped her lips as she attempted to turn around and move to the entrance. She struggled for a second or two, but as soon as she turned around, the opening lid flew open. What met her eyes did not compute with her brain. She was no longer in her apartment.

Crawling out in a cold sweat, she had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight that was now flooding into the container. Katia had to rub her eyes to make sure that she was not seeing things, pinching herself too just to make sure. She was on top of a tall mountain. Thin, wispy mist surrounded her feet as she stood up on the smooth, rocky ground. The sun was directly above and lit up the world around her. The view was astounding, enough to make any accomplished mountaineer speechless. She reached the end of the ground and looked down. There was water flowing down from an adjacent mountain. It splished and splashed down for what seemed to be eternity. The land lay out before her like soft blanket stretched towards the horizon. Trees and rives dotted and zagged back and forth wherever she looked. The air smelt clean, it tasted fresh. This was somewhere that she could spend the rest of her life with ease, not a worry in the world. In fact, the absurdity of the whole situation had slipped her mind. 

"I’m glad you came," she heard a voice say a short way behind her. Katia jumped a little, not expecting anybody else up here at all. She turned and saw him, taken aback completely. "You?" she asked in surprise.
"Me," the man with the long black hair replied, smiling a shining set of teeth.
"How did I get here?" 
"Its a long story, I have a lot to tell you," he said. "I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, and now that you are here, I am happy."
"But why? I barely know you." She said, although strangely she felt like she would give up her life for him. "I only just met you yesterday. I didn’t even say a word to you as I passed by."
"I know your heart, I know your dreams. Trust me and give me the opportunity to change your life. This is meant to be, and I know it."

Katia was no professional when it came to entirely random happenings in her life. She was still partially convinced that she was dreaming. “I trust you,” she said, walking towards him. He held his hand out and she took it willingly. A distant beeping noise could be heard all of a sudden. She looked at him surprised. He kept on smiling. Squeezing her hand gently, he winked. “I’ll see you soon.” The beeping became loud, filling Katia’s ears with a buzzing noise.

She opened up her eyes to see the ceiling of her bedroom. Her beeping alarm clock carried on performing its duty. She sighed and reached out to put it off. Just a dream, a thought that had been nagging at the back of her mind the entire time. She threw her covers off in a mood. Monday morning was real, and she had to get on with it.

The shower head spouted out water as she turned the handle. Her stomach grumbled with hunger. Making her way to the kitchen, she was deciding what she was going to eat when her eye spotted something at the mouth of her door. A white envelope again. Completely strange, she thought to herself. She tore it open and found another blank post card within. Almost like it was instinct, she ripped open the envelope and found the familiar message within. “Look outside dear.” She opened the door and there it was, staring back at her. The brown box was waiting patiently just outside the front door. Looking around the landing, she saw nobody.

Within seconds, the box was being slid over the threshold by Katia, the door banging shut behind her.


As always, feedback and comments are most welcome!

Word Count: 1324

Short Story Sunday - The Tunnel

Hiya! So at college this semester I have a really awesome course, which basically teaches you how to use your own “voice” when writing. In class, we are often given something simple like a sentence or picture and asked to write a short piece according to a particular style. I’ve had loads of fun doing a few, and have decided to start a weekly piece called “Short Story Sunday”. This is assuming I remember and I have the time to put stuff up.

I know we are in the day and age where people don’t like to read LOTS, so I’ll try keep my story as short as possible. I’ll think up something completely random every week; either a theme, sentence, or idea, and write a page or two on it. There may not necessarily be a beginning or an end.

If this does happen to get popular or receive interest, I am more than willing to take your suggestion of word, sentence, etc and make up a piece on that the following Sunday. 

This weeks idea is inspired by a random dream I had last night. All I remember is a long tunnel and a cocktail party. Lets see what I can come up with ^_^ I hope you enjoy!


It was odd to think that such a prestigious venue would have an entrance to the sewer in its lowermost level. The building did creak with age, so it did inevitably make sense. The tunnel used to be an escape route for important figures of society. Closely guarded during that particular era, yet forgotten in modern times. It made the plan workable, and thats the part that I liked the most.

Susan and I were walking along swiftly without saying a word. Rats scurried away from us, squeaking indignantly as we trespassed on their turf.
"This is the most ridiculous idea you’ve cooked up yet," she said, slipping a little on the stone floor as she walked.
"I know. Yet it’s the only idea we had," I replied.
"If we make it out of this in one piece, remind me to…"
"SSSSH!" I hissed out.

There were voices up ahead. We were not alone. Susan and I stopped to a tiptoe pace. I peered into the thick darkness ahead, trying to piece together the source of the chatter. I inched up to the nearest corner. I peered around it as slowly as I could. Two figures were walking our way, flashlight moving to and fro along the slimy walls and damp floor. Susan looked at me with horrified eyes, a statue of her former self, standing as still as time.

"Who’s orders were these anyway?" a gruff voice said from just around the corner. "Who in their right mind would try to break into the Lavorne at all? Let alone though this scummy sewer?" the sounds of the muffled footsteps grew closer with clarity. They were nearing the end of their path.
"You’re right," the other said, sounding like he was moments away from the end of the tunnel. "Screw this, lets head back?"
"Agreed. I can’t wait to eat!"

The steps stopped abruptly. I couldn’t even dare to breathe for fear of being detected. Susan was doing everything within her power to remain still, although a shake or two escaped her body. She was extremely nervous, with good reason too. This was clearly a suicide mission, and doubt started to grow out of my very instinct. Nonetheless, there was no time to ponder the repercussions of our actions. We had lost so much, and marched through even more to get to this point. I’d rather die than turn around and face the life that I don’t have. The only option was forward.

We gave them a minute or two to move ahead. I placed my hand on Susan’s shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze accompanied by a soft smile. “We can do this.” Her eyes widened slightly, taking me in whole. I knew she was thinking exactly what I was. She nodded.

We proceeded around the corner and made our way cautiously onward. There was a soft light at the end. I let a soft chuckle escape my lips. The light at the end of the tunnel, the age old saying. The path of death, leading to ones ultimate judgement. It seemed fitting with this crazy idea. We were walking down the dead path, ending in a light who’s origin we had no idea. Closure? Perhaps. Crazy? Absolutely!

The party lay just ahead. The whiteness grew brighter and brighter. A door came into focus. An old, battered wooden door. It was left ajar, hanging on for dear life with its aged and splintered ends. I reached out and pushed it open more. Another door stood at the end of a plain room. I too, started to tremble a little. The seed of doubt grew more and more. I trimmed it out of my thoughts as well as I could, and proceeded inward. Susan grabbed onto my hand as I crossed the threshold. The light was coming from a low hanging bracket. It interrupted the darkness ever so slightly, but it wasn’t bright enough to see everything as well as possible.

I made my way closer to the door at the end, passing the light as I went. Susan’s hand was trembling in mine, making me feel nervous again. I reached out to grab the door handle when a loud bang made Susan and I jump. I turned around to see the door we had just entered slamming shut. We both looked around wildly, trying to find what had caused it to close. Just then the light extinguished. Plunged into darkness. Nothing to see. What was happening? A voice to chill the soul. A voice to freeze the heart.

"We have been expecting you." 


 No editing allowed, what you see is what you get. Comments are more than welcome :) I’ll honestly try making a habit of submitting something every Sunday.

Word Count: 765


An Improv Valentines Day Poem

In class today we were given the first two lines of a poem and asked to finish it in about 5 minutes. Here is mine ^_^ silly as it is:


Roses are red
Valentines day is dead
The last I cared was years ago
When I took my sweet to a show

The true meaning of Valentines is gone
Who knows when last that light shone
A quick day for the industry to make a money
A day to buy flowers for your so called honey

A day who’s intentions intend for bliss
Meanwhile in reality, it really is piss 


Thanks to my #200followers :-) you all rock! #instawalkjhb #JoziFTW  (Taken with instagram)

Thanks to my #200followers :-) you all rock! #instawalkjhb #JoziFTW (Taken with instagram)

It looks so artificial :-P bright colours of doom! #JoziFTW #streetartistry #instawalkjhb  (Taken with Instagram at Newtown)

It looks so artificial :-P bright colours of doom! #JoziFTW #streetartistry #instawalkjhb (Taken with Instagram at Newtown)

#streetartistry #JoziFTW #instawalkjhb  (Taken with Instagram at The Newtown)

#streetartistry #JoziFTW #instawalkjhb (Taken with Instagram at The Newtown)