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9Gag (12-18)/(03)/2012

THIS HEADING IS IN CAPS AND IS BOLD… for no real reason really. Here are your weeks top 9gag submissions. Either the posts aren’t as of good quality lately, or I am being fussier with the ones I choose. There are only 24 this week! It’s alright though, there are some fantastic ones :) enjoy and have a great week!







This post may be a little hard to see, but all the items are miniature! 








Happens to me all the time :S 


A South African 9gag post! Clearly ;) 









NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website

9Gag (05-11)/(03)/2012

YES I KNOW THIS POST IS A LITTLE LATE… but better late than never, right? I was busy submitting assignments on Sunday and I was incapacitated with other various distractions, so I completely forgot to get this post out there. This weeks postings are limited. I guess there weren’t that many fantastic submissions. I usually have around 50 pictures per week, today I only have 26!

Hottest news on the Internet of course at the moment is the KONY2012 video (which you should watch, whether you are interested or not). Anyhow… FORWARD! 




This one is too funny xD 


















This is my favourite meme at the moment. You don’t say?? XD 






NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website

9Gag (26-04)/(02-03)/2012

Its that time of year already… the time when HEY WAIT WHAT THE HECK ITS CHRISTMAS ALREADY? Yip thats right, January and February are gone already. Its usually from about this time onwards where the calendar decides to move at the speed of light until the year is done for. Of course, times get busier as usual, but fear not! I have spared some of my own time to bring you the top 9gag posts for the past week (based on my own opinion and taste of course), right here for you to enjoy :) its a start of a new week, lets hope its a fantastic one!

I want me one of these so! Imagine this little animal when it was a kitten! 



Another picture that you cant help but smile at :)











This damn post still gets me… I think I lean more towards the answer on the right, but the one on the left also strikes me as something that is possible. What do you think?

NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website

9Gag (20-26)/02/2012

Another week of some random posts for you to enjoy :) Hope this ends off the week well and gets you smiling for the week to come!



(This one below really made me lol xD that cats face… haha!)

(Admittedly, I have done this once or twice :x )







(Homeless beard? :D)


This one makes me head hurt :S

This is by far my favourite post of the week. You can’t not smile when you see this little kid doing it :)

NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website

Okay some of these ideas are downright silly, but some of them are just downright genius! HOW could they not be put into mass production? George (Lucas)… make this happen! If Star Wars Episode 1 3D made it to a cinema near me, then surely that Death Star dartboard can find a pub nearby too ^_^

9Gag (13-19)/02/2012


This weeks top picks from 9gag (based on my own opinion and personal taste). There are 1 or 2 that are TEENY but if you zoom in enough you can see what the text has to say. I also tried to group them accordingly. Sorry its a bit long this week :S either way… enjoy!

NOTE: if the comics are too small, then you need to be IN my blog, and not previewing it.

NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website

9Gag (05-12)/02/2012

The Internet is a vast place where many many many MANY people lose their lives. Unfortunately, I am one of those people, and at least a small portion of my day is dedicated to For your benefit, and as a new feature for my blog, I bring you MY favourite 9gag postings for the week, every week (if I have the time :O). These are just a few posts that I thought were really funny or awesome in some way. Sure there are some that you may not enjoy, but hey… different strokes for different folks (fokes? :P)

If you don’t have the time to waste on 9gag, I sure hope you have the time to waste on these few gems that are among thousands on the website.

NOTE: if the comics are too small, then you need to be IN my blog, and not previewing it.



There were quite a few Harry Potter submissions this week (as usual).



Always thought about this. Bottled coke ftw!


NONE of the above are my creation. They are all from the website  I hope you enjoyed :)

It Only Took Me a Month

I hate it when I write a dramatic and long post, and then I accidentally click something, destroying any kind of material I had written. Swell really! I thought there was a draft feature built in, but all I got back was my heading. Damn you Tumblr! Now that everybody is all like “awwwwww that sucks!”, here is a rough summary of what I had to say: 

- January is over already. Wtf.
- New Years Resolutions are easier done when you make one or two at a time instead of millions.
- My fulfilled New Years Resolutions percentage is around 95.36589651%*
- My resolution last year was to not over think decisions and be spontaneous when making them. It worked, Its awesome, I plan on doing that forever.
- My only resolution this year is to finish my first book. I think this will finally be the year that I do it.
- I scrapped anything I had before, kept a few old skeletons, and I have built out the bare structure of a five book series**
- “FIVE BOOK SERIES?” you say? Why yes… I know I know! I can’t even finish one book, but I really and genuinely think that I am onto something here.
- I have feedback for my first two chapters which was very helpful. I will make relevant changes shortly.
- Dammit people… if you know me, encourage me, I need it :) 
- I’m hoping to have a weekly feature to my blog this year, just thinking of what exactly to do. 

Thats about it. I think there is a lesson in all this, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was***

Last but not least, just because I love you all, here is a little something awesome from 9gag! I know its happened to me before.

Original link:

*Not an actual scientific figure.
** Not related to paleontology at all.
***I lied! You need to type this kind of thing out in Word and then copy + paste it to Tumblr. Just saying.

If only pollution from both smog and light didn’t ruin the skyscape :S would be amazing! I will so visit a location or two like this one day :)