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An Improv Valentines Day Poem

In class today we were given the first two lines of a poem and asked to finish it in about 5 minutes. Here is mine ^_^ silly as it is:


Roses are red
Valentines day is dead
The last I cared was years ago
When I took my sweet to a show

The true meaning of Valentines is gone
Who knows when last that light shone
A quick day for the industry to make a money
A day to buy flowers for your so called honey

A day who’s intentions intend for bliss
Meanwhile in reality, it really is piss 


9Gag (12-18)/(03)/2012

THIS HEADING IS IN CAPS AND IS BOLD… for no real reason really. Here are your weeks top 9gag submissions. Either the posts aren’t as of good quality lately, or I am being fussier with the ones I choose. There are only 24 this week! It’s alright though, there are some fantastic ones :) enjoy and have a great week!







This post may be a little hard to see, but all the items are miniature! 








Happens to me all the time :S 


A South African 9gag post! Clearly ;) 









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