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In keeping up with my previous post, here is the debut video of Deus Ex Human Revolution at E3 2010. It’s a great trailer, maybe one of the best I have ever seen for a game. If you have never seen it, trust me its well worth the 3 minutes. Square Enix should definitely look at branching into CGI movies, they do a stellar performance each time!

Deus Ex Human Revolution Preview

It seems common these days to be fascinated by the future. One idea that is thought to become a reality one day is that of human augmentation; namely, enhancing the human body by means of machinery and such. This kind of idea in a game is not unique. However, the approach of the new Deus Ex game is. I have only just ventured into the world of a future Detroit city set in 2027. What did I find within my first 2 hours of play? Tough decisions, violent extremists, betrayals, dirty cops, and and even more.

The lead character of the game is Ex Swat, modern day security guard Adam Jenson. You, being in control of him, currently reside as a guard to Biotechnological company Sarif industries. To cut a long story short, the facility is infiltrated by augmented mercenaries, and an entire research team dedicated to enhancing biotechnology is murdered, including the love of Adam, Megan Reed. In the process, Adam is fatally wounded. Having no other choice, Sarif industries saves Adams life by means of augmentation implants. Looking like a much handsomer Robocop, Adam is called back to duty.

Only six months have past, and I’m placed into Adams shoes. The first thing that is thrown at me is a hostage situation. My game kicked off in the lobby of Sarif industries. Mr Sarif himself has just called me and informed me that one of the warehouses has been infiltrated, and lives are at stake. That sounds quite bad I think to myself, but I really want to check this building out. I spend a good few minutes roaming around, chatting to people. Most people seem happy to see me alive, I feel lucky, although I’m now a walking part robot which some extremists think is a sin against mankind. Loved by some, hated by others, I can live with that right? Wrong. Mr Sarif has called again, telling me that thanks to my dawdling around, 8 hostages have already been murdered. Not a great start!

I rush off to the helipad and get taken off to the warehouse. Swat are already surrounding the building, but Mr Sarif has ordered them to let me in first. I’m greeted with disgust by the first officer, informing me that if I hadn’t delayed, those 8 people may well have still been alive. I brush it off as bad luck and infiltrate the facility. This is where the fun comes in. I can be a total badass, shooting my way though the entire facility. Or I could be a total wuss, and sneak my way around. I decide to try save some lives, regardless of the fact that these terrorists just killed some innocent people. I sneak around with my trusty stun gun, stunning enemies and hiding their bodies so nobody finds them. It was a lengthy process, but hugely satisfying!

I make my way to the final room, the boss of the terrorists. Unlucky for me he has a gun to a final hostages head. I have to talk my way carefully through this! The game presented me with many scenarios, letting me choose how I want to negotiate with this madman. During the conversation, I realise that perhaps he was set up, he didn’t mean for any of this. I decide to let him go after he has released the hostage. I’m the best at this job! Smiling from ear to ear the Swat team follow in after me. I made it through the whole facility without so much as a whisper, rounding up dozens of enemies. On top of that, I managed to save a hostage! I deserve a medal don’t I? Apparently not…

The woman I just saved had a husband. She asks me if the other hostages survived. Regrettably, I inform her that the others were lost. She bursts into tears, insisting that if the police worked faster, her husband would have been alive. Thank goodness she doesn’t know its my fault I think to myself. I proceed to the exit, but not without first being shunned as a failure by the Swat guards nearby. I let the terrorist slip away. I shrug my shoulders in climb into my helicopter.

I’m a terrible cop. I will not deny that! The above was just a mere two hours into this game. If the rest is anything like this, then its going to be great. I’ll leave you with some screen shots below.


The city of Detroit in 2027

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Taking down enemies can cause a lot of drool it seems.


The cover system works extremely well in this game. Look at all those baddies! Not one can touch me

The amount of potential augmentations is mind boggling. Run faster, hack better, survive longer… its all there and more.



There is a hell of a lot more to this game. I am only able to capture so much in this teeny little blog without boring you to death. To find out what its like to be a crappy cop like me, just go out and get the game :)

DISCLAIMER: These screenshots were taken by me and do not belong to anybody else. Deus Ex is not my property, I’m just talking about it in this space. Don’t try any of what you see in the screenshots at home, especially punching people till they drool. That is all!