Far Too Much Crying These Days

Regardless of how a game turns out, good or bad, I still think that at least 75% of gaming companies should branch out into making CGI movies.*

Gaming trailers are getting better and better. Sometimes the game doesn’t quite live up to what its trailer promises. However, nothing beats that excited feeling a gamer gets when seeing a fantastic trailer, and this newest Far Cry launch video does just that. I swear if this game is as pretty as it seems to be, I will spend my time in it pretending I am a survivor from the tv series LOST and go exploring like a boss… only to travel back and forth in time, get off the island, go back, and end on a LOL episode concluding six seasons of my play time. Oh wait…

Random connections aside, this trailer looks fantastic! If this were a movie, I would go book tickets to see it NOW. You could too, take a sneak peak for yourself and you decide. The trailer reveals the game launch date to be 07/09/2012.

NOTE: if your ears bleed at the sound of vulgar language, there is about 5 seconds worth in the trailer. Just manually bleep them out in your head ;)

* except square enix; Their Sleeping Dogs trailer shows that they can just make any damn thing they want to, including real live actors and sets (check it out too if you are interested - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE2ADqLuzvU).